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Coffee Gone Hoooooly


Located on the cliffs of Santa Cruz is a hidden gem. Shrine Coffee Shop is tucked behind a luscious Victorian garden at the back of Shrine of Saint Joseph. A simplistic menu is met with an equally simplistic and cozy coffee shop fit for the divine. When you walk inside, you are immediately greeted by the sight of freshly baked scones and muffins. Patrons have choice from several common beverages including espresso and lattes, in addition to chai and ice tea. Inside large beams span the width of the ceiling. And one of the tables and seat is inset in the wall so as to um create this sort of nook.

I chose to get a mocha with oat milk and a pumpkin muffin, while my bae af went with an iced coffee and double chocolate chip muffin. (basic af but he paid so I didn't say anything).

After getting our food we strolled through the rose garden while the coffee was being prepared.

The coffee sizes are just right and it matched the amount of food given.

Overall Rating 8.5/10

Could be a 9/10 but the coffee was served on the colder side even though we picked it up right after they placed it on the counter. #ColdCoffee :(

Pictured below is what I assumed to be the fountain of Saint Joseph himself :0

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